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June 2019

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Latest News:
Entry List for our FIrst Event is Below:

We are Racing on the 26th October 2019!!

Well it is finally offical, MCDRA have been officially granted approval to hold our event by The Department of Infrastructure. This has been a welcomed victory for us to which we all owe Mid Coast Council a great deal of Thanks for jumping into the ring for us and helping make this event happen.
Now for the exciting part: We are planning on holding our first event on Saturday the 26th of October 2019. Please mark this in your diaries as we are hoping to make this first event a successful event and we would love to see you all there.
Entry forms have already been sent out to our club members, so if you a memeber and haven't got your entry form via email, contact us and we will get one sent out to you. Entry forms will be uploaded to the website below on the 5th of October 2019.
 Due to the age of the timing system we only have a limited number of Entry spots available for this event so you will need to get your entry form in fast to secure your spot. 
Thanks again for all of your patients in waiting for the good news.

Council update
In February we applied to Council to have our noise condition raised from 95dB to 110dB.  Many of you will recall that our noise test revealed that even with two vehicles launching together (both of which tested at 101 and 104dB) the noise at the nearest property boundary could barely be heard above background noise levels.   The application has been notified to the adjacent property owners, however a determination has not been made as yet.  Hopefully our noise test results are good enough to get the application approved.

New Club Sponsor

MCDRA would like to welcome our newest Club Sponsor Bing Lee Taree. Matt and his team at Bing Lee Taree have been very kind in helping our Club obtain a new ACER Nitro 5 Laptop. This has already come in very handing with helping get all of our new promotionl material ready for when we get the go ahead for our event.
For all of your electrical needs head on down to Bing Lee Taree and see the friendly team who are more then happy to help you out.

Club Thankyou!!
MCDRA would like to thank Club Member Lance Green. Lance Spent most of his day off recently helping out Merv Cahill (our Saftey Officer) getting timber and a few other bits and pieces from Flo Kitchens here in taree. The materials collected have been used in fixing up the interior of our Club Caravan ( aka Timing Booth) bringingit up to scratch and operational for our event. Thanks guys for all of your hard work and we can't wait to have the van operation and in use at our events.  

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I do a burnout?
No! Burnouts, tyre warming, foot on brake statics, powerskids etc will not be allowed. Entrants that do not follow the requirements of the event will have their entry cancelled and become spectators, with no refund. Please understand that the venue is a commercial airport facility, and the surface condition needs to be maintained for safety sake. Tyre smoke could also impact adjacent residential areas, and visibility of surrounding public roads. We understand that some cars will break traction while accelerating, but it’s the driver’s responsibility to limit this. If this happens and you stay on the accelerator pedal, you risk becoming a spectator and your entry fee will be given to a local charity.

  • Why can’t I bring my unregistered car/race car?
This event is for people to race their road car or bike in a safe and controlled manner, off the public roads. It is part of our Council approval that all entrant vehicles are currently registered – you will need to present evidence of this, and there will be police present should we need confirm the details you have submitted. Insurance also plays a role in the decision to stay with registered vehicles.

  • Why isn’t it 1/4 mile?
Eighth mile racing is quicker to operate and therefore you get more runs! It is also safer due to the slower speeds reached. Insurance and venue safety requirements also make eighth mile racing a logical option. It uses the same timing equipment and racing format used by purpose-built facilities, so it’s just as exciting and loads of fun.

  • My car is registered, but I’m not sure if it’s too loud. Can I race?
Take your car/bike to your local muffler shop and have them test it for you. Please keep in mind that our decision is final – if you fail our noise test you will not be competing. Your loud car or bike could end up getting our event cancelled, and that ruins it for everyone else.

  • Can I use slicks?
 You sure can! Slicks are a great way of gaining traction and accelerating faster!

  • So what does the future hold?
If all goes well and people behave themselves, Council and the insurers may allow the event to evolve into something bigger, including drag classes, tyre warming and the like. However at this early stage we believe that the event is a good starting point and will be loads of fun!

We apologise if the requirements of this event do not allow you to enter your car or bike, or let you do skids. However we ask that you respect the amount of hard work that we have put in to this just to have an event approved! It’s not easy. Criticising the event on social media is narrow minded and makes you look like a fool in front of the majority of people who just want to have some fun racing their daily driven pride and joy or weekend fun machine.
Please email mcdra2018@gmail.com or message us on Facebook if you have any further questions or would like more information.

See you at the Drags,