Mid Coast Drag Racing Association
About Us
Everything you need to know
Mid Coast Drag Racing Association (MCDRA) are a local registered Non-Profit Sporting Club that was founded in 2018 with the goal in mind, to bring Drag Racing to the Manning Valley. With this we are hoping to help promote driver safety and help boost tourism to our beautiful area.

Roger Stimson had the idea and ambition of bringing drag racing to the Manning Valley. Roger had initially collected a small enthusiastic group of supporters including Monique Cahill, Nathan Cooper and Jess Cooper
who have formed the MCDRA.
As our intention is to run a Motorsport Event we realised that we would need a Safety Officer. Monique’s husband Merv Cahill was the perfect fit for the roll with his vast knowledge of car modifications and a strong automotive engineering background he is perfect for the roll.
Shannon Welsh has also joined the committee having been involved in the Motorsport Industry for more than a decade and brings the knowledge and assistance of other Motorsport minded associates.

They formed a sub committee to investigate the logistics to find if Roger’s ideas to get drag racing events in the Manning to become reality.
The MCDRA Committee is made up of the following members:
President:                  Nathan Cooper
Vice President:          Monique Cahill
Secretary:                   Roger Stimson
Safety Officer:                Merv Cahill
Publicity Officer:            Jess Cooper
Treasurer:                 Shannon Welsh

Once the Idea of a Local Drag Racing Event started to become a reality, it was soon realised the
benefits that this type of event could bring to the area.
These include:
Tourism promotion and the flow on benefits to local businesses.
Promote driver safety awareness especially to the younger generation
A safe and controlled venue for Motorsport enthusiasts.

Now that MCDRA has been officially registered as a Non-Profit Sporting Club, we have begun negotiations with the Local Police, Mid Coast Council and the Taree Airport to try and make Drag Racing happen in the Manning Valley.

MCDRA is currently looking for Volunteers, Members and Sponsorship to help fundraise for costs involved in setting up such event. In the mean time we hope to get a supportive club up and running with membership forms available.